Onecoin Is Now 20.75 Euros

OneCoin Is Now 20.75 Euros & Going to become more than 25.95 Euros (Approx. value in June 2018) - Onecoin is Continuously Growing...OneLife Network - Together we became a global family... Biggest Cryptocurrency community with over 3.4 million members in just 3 legendary years... A usable Cryptocurrency with over 300,000 (merchants & individual sellers) & over 10 million coupons used in 6 months ( Growing Network Marketing Company. 6 out of Top 10 Network Marketing Earners are from Onelife ( of coin has gone up from €0.50 in 2015 to €20.75 in 2018...Fastest Billion Company in only 11 months...We have created over 1000 millionaires through network marketing...We have taken over 4 companies & offices in different countries...We introduced best learning platform of Financial Education ( have brought the most powerful blockchain with transaction time of one minute...Over 9,779 children are supported through 91 projects in 32 countries through our charity ( a better tomorrow! OneLife #TogetherForMore


OneCoin is growing faster and faster, which means that you get more with each passing day!
OneCoin Price increased from €12.45 to €15.95
Mining difficulty increased too from 120 tokens per 1 coin to 160 tokens per coin. As you well know, the more Tokens are submitted for mining, the higher the mining difficulty, the higher the price of each OneCoin! So, get more value for every single OneCoin today!

All members interested in OFC will be receiving a DOUBLE amount of the OFC’s claimed!
Rate is now officially changed to 1 ONE = 200 OFCs
You have until end of September to convert your coins into OFC to be eligible for Double the Amount of OFC. After which, it will go back to 1 ONE = 100 OFCs

Changes To Educational Packages

Since the establishment of the Company, all OneLife members enjoy being part of a fast-paced and rapidly developing company, leading to the creation of one of the LARGEST NETWORKS in the world!

The Promotional tokens assigned upon the member’s request with each education package provide all members with the UNIQUE opportunity to participate in the mining process of the OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE) from its initial stages.
OneLife provides a platform that introduces all members to 7-level tailor-made courses with educational content, divided into learning modules. The program helps members gain practical and theoretical knowledge in finance and trading. OneAcademy also provides the fundament that ensures easy access and understanding of the benefits of cryptocurrency.
We are proud to announce that in 2017 the Merchant Platform DealShaker, exclusively provided to OneLife Network, has sparked instant interest.
In less than 9 months since the opening of the BETA version of the website, it has attracted close to 50K online sellers and merchants worldwide! This was an incredible success given that these were just the baby steps for the platform and we are impatiently looking forward to see the rapid expansion in its more mature stages of growth.
The success story continues…
Now as the company is seeing huge demand, the OneLife product portfolio will undergo adjustments, reflecting the long-term strategy of the OneEcosystem.

Here are some highlights:
  • Executive Trader package, Tycoon Plus and the Infinity package will be available only until October 15, 2017. Until then the packages will still be available on an EXCLUSIVE SALE – 25%more of the promotional tokens, assigned upon a members’ request, will be available only for these educational packages.
  • 20% less promotional tokens will be assigned to all educational courses activated after October 15, 2017.
  • Split strategies and upgrades will now be altered to fit the strategic preparations for ICO 2018, limiting the total amount of SPLITS per account.

Hurry! Buy your packages now before the changesYou have until October 15, 2017


OneCoin Previous Promo: WONDER WHEEL IS BACK

Dear Members,

The Wonder Wheel promotion is back! It gives you the unique chance to win extra promotional tokens with your packages – now get a 25% – 50 % or a EXTRA WHOLE SPLIT on top of the tokens you get with your package upgrade! Spin to win and make the most of your OneLife experience! Promo valid until Next Split

Best Wishes, The OneLife team

Choose Your Package Here:

Single Packages

Starter: €140 – 1000 Tokens – 1 Split – 1000×2 = 2,000 Tokens
Trader: €580 – 5000 Tokens – 1 Split – 5000×2 = 10,000 Tokens
Pro Trader: €1,130 – 10,000 Tokens – 1 Split – 10kx2 = 20,000 Tokens
Executive: €3,330 – 30,000 Tokens – 1 Split – 30kx2 = 60,000 Tokens
Tycoon: €5,530 – 60,000 Tokens – 2 Split – 60x2x2 = 240,000 Tokens
Premium: €13,780 – 150k Tokens – 3 Split – 150kx2x2x2 = 1.2 M Tokens
Infinity: €27,530 – 300k Tokens – 3 Split – 300kx2x2x2 = 2.4 M Tokens

Combo Packages – 2

Starter+Trader: €140+€550 – 6000 Tokens – 2 Split – 6000x2x2 = 24,000 Tokens
Starter+Pro Trader: €140+€1,100 – 11,000 Tokens – 2 Split – 11,000x2x2 = 44,000 Tokens 
Starter+Executive: €140+€3,300 – 31,000 Tokens – 2 Split – 31,000x2x2 = 124,000 Tokens
Starter+Tycoon: €140+€5,500 – 61,000 Tokens – 3 Splits – 61,000x2x2x2 = 488,000 Tokens
Starter+Premium: €140+€13,750 – 151,000 Tokens – 4 Splits – 151,000x2x2x2x2 = 2,416,000 Tokens

Combo Packages – 3

Starter+Trader+Pro Trader: €140+€550+€1,100: 16,000 Tokens – 3 Splits – 16,000x2x2x2 = 128,000 Tokens
Starter+Trader+Executive: €140+€550+3,300: 36,000 Tokens – 3 Splits – 36,000x2x2x2 = 288,000 Tokens
Starter+Trader+Tycoon: €140+€550+5,500 – 66,000 Tokens – 3 Splits –  66,000x2x2x2 = 528,000 Tokens
Starter+Trader+Premium: €140+€550+€13,750: 156,000 Tokens – 4 Splits – 156,000x2x2x2x2 = 2,496,000 Tokens 
Tycoon+Premium: €5580+€13,750: 210,000 Tokens + 4 Split – 210,000x2x2x2x2 = 3,360,000 Tokens

Previous Promo: 10% More Tokens, Double The Coins, Super Split, Winter wonder Wheel, 25% More Tokens, 28% More tokens, 50% more Tokens, 

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