Onecoin Is Now 20.75 Euros

OneCoin Is Now 20.75 Euros & Going to become more than 25.95 Euros (Approx. value in June 2018) - Onecoin is Continuously Growing...OneLife Network - Together we became a global family... Biggest Cryptocurrency community with over 3.4 million members in just 3 legendary years... A usable Cryptocurrency with over 300,000 (merchants & individual sellers) & over 10 million coupons used in 6 months ( Growing Network Marketing Company. 6 out of Top 10 Network Marketing Earners are from Onelife ( of coin has gone up from €0.50 in 2015 to €20.75 in 2018...Fastest Billion Company in only 11 months...We have created over 1000 millionaires through network marketing...We have taken over 4 companies & offices in different countries...We introduced best learning platform of Financial Education ( have brought the most powerful blockchain with transaction time of one minute...Over 9,779 children are supported through 91 projects in 32 countries through our charity ( a better tomorrow! OneLife #TogetherForMore


Dear friends, Blockchain is the foundation of digital money (electronic money) and Bitcoin is the first currency to adopt this technology. Bill Gates said, "Bitcoin is a masterpiece of technology." What is Blockchain, we learn together.

Blockchain: is an accounting ledger, operating in the digital domain. Distributed data stores information in information blocks that are interconnected and expand over time. Also known as: Book records all transaction history. The information stored in Blockchain can not be changed. This is a highly secure and secure system. Even if a block or a computer is attacked, the block and other computers continue to operate and protect the information and keep Blockchain active.

               Onecoin's Blockchain technology is considered to be the most modern in the world.

Blockchain is expected to be used in many areas of the economy for several years to come. The first is in the banking and finance sector, followed by the health or education sectors, and Blockchain's applications seem to have no limits. Because of its high utility, Bitcoin, Onecoin and other electronic currencies are worth more and more.

See the video below to learn more about Blockchain: 


  1. Why did onecoin change name to Onelife? And also why is your company name is in .eu and not .com. I am Interested to invest. But I need to be sure before doing business

    1. OneCoin is the name of the coin and OneLife is the name of the company that manages the coin. .eu or .org or .net or .biz is all extensions of a domain name. The .com is not the only thing you can use to register a website name. That should not be a problem..

    2. Hi, May i know what package you are interested in? Let me know so that I can tell you what to do! OR You can purchase your interested package from the method given below. Make a payment. You can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, OnePay, China Union Pay or Bank Wire. To do this, log in to your account at then click SHOP MENU>>>ONEACADEMY EDUCATIONAL>>>then choose your package you want to purchase and click ADD TO CART>>>CHECK OUT>>>SELECT PAYMENT METHOD For Bank Wire Payment: email for instructions on how to pay via bank wire. Include your name, username and package/s you want to buy in the email. You should get a reply soon with the full details of the bank where you will wire your payment.

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