Onecoin Is Now 20.75 Euros

OneCoin Is Now 20.75 Euros & Going to become more than 25.95 Euros (Approx. value in June 2018) - Onecoin is Continuously Growing...OneLife Network - Together we became a global family... Biggest Cryptocurrency community with over 3.4 million members in just 3 legendary years... A usable Cryptocurrency with over 300,000 (merchants & individual sellers) & over 10 million coupons used in 6 months ( Growing Network Marketing Company. 6 out of Top 10 Network Marketing Earners are from Onelife ( of coin has gone up from €0.50 in 2015 to €20.75 in 2018...Fastest Billion Company in only 11 months...We have created over 1000 millionaires through network marketing...We have taken over 4 companies & offices in different countries...We introduced best learning platform of Financial Education ( have brought the most powerful blockchain with transaction time of one minute...Over 9,779 children are supported through 91 projects in 32 countries through our charity ( a better tomorrow! OneLife #TogetherForMore

Onecoin How To Join - Onecoin Cryptocurrency with OneAcademy Education.

Exclusive Interview 12/15/2016: Dr. Ruja Ignatova explains how it all started, why Onecoin stands out, the Vision, media opinion including IS ONECOIN SCAM and plans for 2018 Onwards


OneCoin provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, revolutionizing the business world of today’s digital economy. Bitcoin made many millionaires. However, it is too late to get involve in Bitcoin now. But you are still LUCKY because today, there is a new crypto-currency that is BIGGER, BETTER, SAFER and has an Intrinsic Value. OneCoin is backed by Gold and has an independent auditor to check the authenticity of transactions on the blockchain.

This opportunity is only available through a strict by invitation basis, providing you the knowledge you need to succeed in the world of crypto-currency.
Should you decide to join OneCoin through us, we will provide you everything you need to get started. We will guide you step-by-step on how to set-up.
Note: You may get spillovers from us (more on this in How To Earn page)

OneCoin IPO Announcement, How To Be a Share Holder and Future Plans for 2017 & 2018

How To Join OneCoin

Step 1: Create an account: Create FREE OneCoin Account HERE

Just fill up the form and create account. We will send you further details on what to do next. Check your Message Inbox for by logging into your Rookie Account at

Step 2: After successfully creating your account, log-in to your OneCoin back office at and Upgrade Account by choosing a package. For Split Strategy on different packages, check OneCoin Current Promo & then click SHOP MENU

Here are the different packages to choose from


Step 3: Make a payment. You can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, OnePay, China Union Pay or Bank Wire. To do this, log in to your account at then click SHOP>>>ONEACADEMY EDUCATIONAL>>>then choose your package you want to purchase and click ADD TO CART>>>CHECK OUT>>>SELECT PAYMENT METHOD

For Bank Wire Payment: email for instructions on how to pay via bank wire. Include your name, username and package/s you want to buy in the email. You should get a reply soon with the full details of the bank where you will wire your payment.

Note: After making your bank wire payment, please take a screen shot of the receipt as proof of payment and send it back to

What To Do Next After Account is Activated?
  • Once activated, you need to wait for the Split. Split is when your Tokens will double in numbers. Watch for the Split Barometer to hit 100% before submitting your Tokens for mining. Submitted Tokens before the Split will not double.
  • Check how many splits you have, if 0 of 3 in your account split, then wait 3 splits or until it become 3 of 3 before you submit tokens into mining
  • A Starter, Trader, Pro Trader and Executive Trader Split 1X only. While a Tycoon Package Splits 2X, so you need to wait 2 Splits before submitting your Tokens.
  • Rules for the AUTO-MINING packages: Premium, Festival and Infinity – All Tokens in Premium, Festival and Infinity accounts, regardless whether submitted or not for mining will split.

Congratulations! We all look forward to the great benefits and financial rewards you’re going to receive for taking action and finding out about this incredible opportunity so early on! To your success! Let’s do this together, cheers!

Did you know that OneCoin will be listed at the Asian Stock Exchange in 2018? Do you want to get an early access and be a share holder of OneCoin?

OneCoin IPO could be the biggest FinTech IPO of 2018. The only way to get OFC of OneCoin before IPO is by holding coins today. Act now before it’s too late. Join OneCoin Now!

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